Cllr Lisa-Marie Hughes on Mike McLean morning show

18th Jun 2020

On the Mike McLean mid-morning show today, Friday 19 June, will be Renfrewshire Councillor and Chair of Renfrewshire Leisure, Lisa-Marie Hughes.

A new creative arts project has been launched for children and grown-ups through Renfrewshire Leisure.  It’s aimed at people looking to be part of a creative community, to pass the time creatively in lockdown, or to encourage and motivate friends and family to try new things.

Called Tiny Revolutions Renfrewshire, the initiative aims to encourage everyone to get creative in an easy and fun way and be able to share their artistic endeavours with the wider community.

Lisa-Marie and Mike will be discussing this new project after 11.00am this morning and other activities through Renfrewshire Leisure.

During the Sports Hour between 12noon and 1.00pm, Mike has as his guest Kevin Robertson from Neilston FC.

Mike McLean Mid-morning show, Friday 19 June 10.00am until 1.00pm.


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