Renfrewshire Witch Hunt Experience: Liz Gardiner interview

On Sma’ Shot Day, Saturday 6 July 2019, Paisley FM had an interview with Liz Gardiner of the Renfrewshire Witch Hunt Experience at 30 High Street, Paisley.

Outside 30 High Street on Saturday afternoon 6 July.

Liz tells the story of in 1697, a young Christian Shaw accused 30 citizens of Renfrewshire of being witches.

Seven of them were hanged and burned – their bodies buried beneath a horseshoe at Maxwellton Cross, Paisley. In later life, that same Christian Shaw would play a major role in helping establish Paisley as the pre-eminent centre for the production of thread.

Number 30 High Street, Paisley, is now a heritage hub dedicated to telling of this compelling tale. More information at:

Listen to the interview and learn more of the Renfrewshire Witch Hunt 1697 and Christian Shaw of Paisley.