Paisley FM in-car DAB reception improvement

Listening to Paisley FM in the car, or any vehicle with a DAB digital radio, has improved with the start of auto-tune from DAB to FM while still on the DAB digital radio waveband.

Paisley FM is carried on the Glasgow Small-scale DAB multiplex which has two transmitters to cover the city of Glasgow.  Both transmitters transmit on the same frequency, which therefore means, a Single Frequency Network (SFN) and this has been in place since early June 2019.

When you see this displayed, select and press save.

When listening to Paisley FM on DAB in the car and you travel outside the DAB reception area, within a few seconds of no DAB reception, thecar radio will automatically tune to Paisley FM 107.5 thus continuous listening to Paisley FM without having to change waveband.  And should DAB reception return in the area, then the car radio will automatically retune back to the DAB service.

The car radio will always stay on the DAB digital radio waveband, but will display ‘FM reception’ on the DAB display.

To take advantage of this new service to Paisley FM listeners, you will have to Retune your car radio until you see ‘Paisley’ and the select and press to save as one of your favourites.  ‘Paisley’ transmits on Block 10B (frequency 211.648 MHz).

The images shown here are typical of a radio/entertainment system.  If you current pre-set displays ‘Retune’ then please do that and when you see Paisley as usual, save that as a pre-set to continue to enjoy the Paisley FM programme service.  The Retune advice will be shown for the next few weeks.