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Special report on Lilias Day 2019 – now on Mixcloud

There was a special programme on Lilias Day 2019 broadcast on Paisley FM 107.5 on Monday evening, 3 June.  The programme featured interviews in Kilbarchan produced and presented by Ron Seeth and you listen to it here at Mixcloud.

Ron also spoke to Lilias Day organising committee member Graham Stockton; with ‘Habbie Simpson’ and the Kilbarchan Crier.

Programme presenter Ron Seeth, who lives in Kilbarchan, talked to Miss Lilias 2019, Mabel Wylie who was chosen based on her contribution to the community or good causes. Mabel is in the 5th year at Johnstone High School, volunteers to teach swimming and help out at Renfrewshire Leisure holiday activity camps. Mabel has completed her Duke of Edinburgh Silver award.

As part of her duties, Mabel read the proclamation to officially open Lilias Day 2019 and later in the year will have the honour of switching on the Kilbarchan Christmas Lights.

Ron also spoke to Lilias Day organising committee member Graham Stockton; Lilias Day interview with Habbie Simpson and the Kilbarchan Crier, Lewis MacDonald and Miss Lilias 2018, and this year’s Mabel Wylie, plus a member of Kilbarchan Pipe Band.

If you missed the live transmission of the special programme Kilbarchan Lilias Day on Paisley FM 107.5 then you can listen on the Mixcloud facility here.

There were some fantastic entries for the historic day and floats. Congratulations to winners in each category.

Best dressed House

1st Holloway – Wizard of Oz
2nd Ramsay – Rock and Roll
3rd Peacock – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Best dressed non residential
1st Co-op
2nd Bobbins
3rd Pharmacy
1st Vicky Boyle- Tattie Bogles
2nd Action For Children
3rd Heather Downs – Cyclist
Best Dressed Float
1st Stage Avenue – Mary Poppins
2nd Fordbank Scouts – Superheroes
3rd Kilbarchan Parent Council – Lego