Gospel Blues Train features Tennessee’s Ashley Cleveland

25th Jul 2019

This Sunday, 28 July at 10.00pm, The Gospel Blues Train with Lins Honeyman features the music of Tennessee-based singer-songwriter Ashley Cleveland, as well as an exclusive phone interview that took place earlier this year. 

In a long and varied career, the Grammy Award-winning singer has contributed to more than 300 albums by other artists whilst releasing a raft of quality albums of her own beginning with her ‘Big Town’ debut in 1991.

Ashley chatted to Lins about her latest release ‘One More Song’, her musical influences and how her faith has helped her overcome previous struggles with addiction.

The Gospel Blues Train with Lins Honeyman, Sunday 28 July, 10.00-11.00pm on Paisley FM 107.5 and DAB+ digital radio across Glasgow and online.

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