Health Matters on Chris Mitchell morning show on Tuesday 30 July 11.30am

29th Jul 2019

Today, Tuesday 30 July on the Chris Mitchell morning show on Paisley FM, the Health Matters topics for discussion will be on the topical subject of health travel as we are at the peak of the summer holiday season. 

The ‘Glasgow Fair Fortnight’ is coming to an end and next week starts the ‘Paisley Fair Summer Fortnight’ when thousands of people will be heading off on holiday far and near.

Renfrew Health Centre (pictured) Practice Nurse Jeanette Tiffoney will be the medical guest after 11.30am this morning on Chris’s programme.  If you have a question that Janette could answer, send an email to:

The second topic for discussion and information is the Whopping Cough vaccine.

What Practice Nurse Jeanette will be discussing this morning:
1. What should I do when I book a holiday?
2. Why does it have to be 6 weeks before travel?
3. Does the travel consult or vaccines cost?
4. Why do we need to pay for anti histamines?

Whooping cough vaccine
1. Who gets whooping cough vaccine?
2. Why is this given?

  • Jeanette Tiffoney is a Practice Nurse at Renfrew Health Centre: RGN, SEN HNDip Adult, BSc Travel, Honours in Minor Illness and Clinical Decision Making, Chronic Disease Management, Nurse Prescriber.
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