Health Matters: Tuesday 13 August at 11.30am

12th Aug 2019

Tuesday morning’s Health Matters with Renfrew Health Centre Practice Nurse Jeanette Tiffoney on the Chris Mitchell morning show has as its main health topic, Testicular Cancer.

Jeanette will provide answers to questions like:

1. What age can you get testicular cancer.
2. What are the main causes of testicular cancer.
3. What is usually the first signs of testicular cancer.
4. What are the treatments for testicular cancer.

Jeanette will also be covering ACWY 135 – the meningitis ACWY (MenACWY) vaccine helps protect against meningitis and septicaemia (blood poisoning) caused by 4 groups of meningococcal bacteria A, C, W and Y.

The MenACWY vaccine’s routinely offered to all young people who are in S3 (around 14 years of age) at school. Young people who are in S4-S6 and missed the opportunity to get immunised last year may also get the vaccine at school this year.  The MenACWY vaccine’s replaced the MenC vaccine that was previously used in the routine teenage immunisation programme in S3.

1. What is it.
2. Who gets it.
3. Why was it started.
4. Where do you go to get it.

Help contacts
Testicular Cancer Network UK:
Male Health Scotland:
Call 0333 577 1005
CAHONAS Scotland:


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