How to Listen

You can listen to Paisley FM in multiple ways and on multiple devices.

Tune In

Web stream

Alternatively, you can listen to Paisley FM via these sites and platforms:

Our App


You can listen on the Paisley FM App which is available to download for free from your App Store of choice or wherever you get your apps from. 

The Paisley FM App is good with all Android and iOS devices iPhone and iPad, including smart mobile phones, tablets, laptops and PCs.

The Paisley FM App offer one touch listening to Paisley FM 107.5 on the go or use with Bluetooth in your car or any other device.

Download now for free at the App Store you use at Google Play

Download now for free at the Apple i0S store.

Paisley FM broadcasts ‘over-the-air’ on two separate transmitted wavebands.

To Paisley and Renfrewshire on the analogue FM waveband at 107.5 MHz – that’s up at the very ‘top of the dial’ where you can go no further!

DAB – digital radio waveband

Display on a DAB portable

To the City of Glasgow area and parts of Renfrew and Paisley on the DAB digital radio waveband.  Stations or ‘programme services’ are usually shown on the digital display alphabetically.


Just scroll along  until you reach PAISLEY and press ‘select’ on your DAB portable or in the car. Paisley FM transmits on DAB using the superior AAC coding which is the DAB+ version of Digital Audio Broadcasting.


MPEG-4 Hi Efficiency Advanced Audio Coding v2 (HE AAC v2) Layer 2, commonly known as DAB+ was introduced in 2011 to provide more robust reception and improved audio quality.

It would be a good idea to save PAISLEY as one of your stored DAB stations/services.

Most DAB digital radio sets let you hold down on the Select button for  two or three seconds to save the service. If you can’t find PAISLEY on your DAB radio or DAB in your car, your digital radio may need to do a ‘full auto tune’ or ‘full-scan’.

Press on the Autotune or Autoscan button for 3 seconds and the radio will do a ‘full auto scan’ and it is likely that you will received PAISLEY.  Make us one of the pre-set favourites!

FM waveband – 107.5 MHz

FM waveband: PAISLEY will be displayed if the radio has RDS (Radio Data System, which is a basic text and data display for FM radio broadcasting) and most hi-fi tuners have this facility together with portable radio sets. RDS is standard as part of the in-car entertainment/radio systems.

Listening on the move in-car or any vehicle to Paisley FM 107.5 covers Paisley, Renfrew, Johnstone and across Renfrewshire.  In-car reception is possible over a wider area to include west, north and south Glasgow plus most of West Dunbartonshire to include Clydebank and Dumbarton. Coverage in Renfrewshire extends to Inverclyde and the village of Kilmacolm and parts of Port Glasgow.

Smartphone, tablet, laptop PC, desktop PC

You can also listen to Paisley FM 107.5 on your mobile device, that is, Smartphone, tablet or laptop by using the Listen Live button on this website front page.

Internet Radio set or internet tuner

Image displays listening via a portable Internet Radio.  This device tends to use wi-fi around the home or office. Typically, scroll through radio services that are available on the internet, either by location/country (UK) or type (Local/community)

Internet Radio devices

Display on a Roberts Internet portable radio

Paisley FM is also available on Internet Radio devices. 

You will need an internet/online connection and ideally wi-fi in the room or place.

Search for ‘Paisley’ as shown.

Listen live