Natalie Don MSP highlights Cervical Screening Awareness Week

21st Jun 2022

Cervical Screening Awareness Week which runs from 20th to 26th June 2022 and aims to highlight the importance of regular cervical screening for women’s health.

“Cervical screening saves lives, preventing up to 7 in 10 incidences of cervical cancer. Despite this, almost 1 in 3 do not attend their cervical screening (smear test) when invited” said Natalie Don MSP, commenting on Cervical Screening Awareness Week

Cervical cancer is the most common form of cancer in women under 35 with two women in the UK per day dying from the disease.

Regular cervical screening appointments can prevent up to 75% of instances of cervical cancer, saving 5000 lives per year. Cervical Screening Awareness Week is organised by the charity Jo’s trust, a charity dedicated to women affected by cervical cancer or abnormalities.

Cervical Screening Awareness week aims to encourage all women to have regular cervical screening as well as to provide information and reassurance around any fears or embarrassment that women may have concerning taking the test.

Natalie Don MSP said: “Cervical Screening Awareness Week aims to highlight the importance of regular screening and to help tackle the concerns of women who don’t attend their appointments.

I know many women find speaking about or getting their smear tests embarrassing and this can lead to appointments being avoided and tests being delayed. For the sake of your own health, please don’t delay going to get your test. When found early, cervical cancer is highly treatable and associated with high survival rates so getting tested is one of the best ways to protect yourself.

Don’t delay – when you are invited please make sure you don’t miss your cervical screening appointment or check with your GP if you are unsure when you are due.”

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