Fountain Gardens petition for CCTV

Paisley North Community Council have started a petition to get CCTV in The Fountain Gardens as there has been a number of incidents that are causing concern to residents in the area of The Fountain Gardens, which is bounded by Caledonia Street, Glen Street and Love Street, Paisley.

Karen McClure says: “Our priority is to ensure the safety of our children and the people who use the park. We need to get the message across to Renfrewshire Council that CCTV is what we want now.”  Karen adds: “Please sign when you see the petition forms in the shops in Love Street and Caledonia Street and also tell your friends & family of this action.”

There are yellow petition forms in these shops: Joe Ram’s; Post Office Springbank Road; Indee’s, Caledonia Street the paper shop in Love Street, Paisley.

The Fountain Gardens is recreational parkland and garden areas which are open to the public. The park is Paisley’s oldest public gardens dating from 1868. Within the park is Grand Central Fountain (pictured), one of only three category ‘A’ listed fountains in Scotland.