Renfrewshire Council continue to monitor the Coronavirus situation

Paisley FM 107.5 advises that Renfrewshire Council continues to monitor the Coronavirus situation, and keeps up to date with the guidance published by NHS Scotland and the Scottish Government.  The latest advice is published tonight, Friday 13 March 2020.

For the latest information and up-to-date guidance, please visit NHS Inform – Coronavirus.

Information on the countries noted as ‘risk areas’, what to do if you’ve recently travelled there, or if you’ve been in contact with someone who has.

Travelled to a ‘risk area’ recently?

If you believe the above may apply to you, please stay at home and phone NHS24 on 111 or your local GP – you should call rather than visit your GP in the first instance.

Have symptoms of Coronavirus but haven’t visited a ‘risk area’

If you have the symptoms consistent with coronavirus, namely a persistent dry cough and/or a fever, but have not been in a ‘risk area’, you should stay at home and self isolate for 7 days. You do not need to call NHS24 or your GP unless your symptoms do not get better or your health condition changes significantly.

Additional advice

If you are self-isolating and are due to have visitors, please ensure you call to inform them of your current situation in advance.

A free helpline has also been set up for those who do not have symptoms but are looking for general health advice: 0800 028 2816.

If you are planning to travel abroad in the near future, guidance can be found on Fit for Travel.

What can you do to avoid the spread of illness?

  • Wash your hands often with soap and water; or use an alcohol based hand rub;
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands;
  • Wherever possible, avoid direct contact with people that have a respiratory illness and avoid using their personal items;
  • Follow the Catch it. Bin it. Kill it advice.
    • Cover any coughs and sneezes with disposable tissues and dispose of these in the nearest bin immediately after.
    • You should then wash your hands or use an Alcohol Based Hand Rub (ABHR).

Good hygiene in the workplace

To avoid the spread of illness, you should follow the below advice when at work:

  • Regularly clean and disinfect anything you touch frequently, such as surfaces, telephones, keyboards, door handles, desks and tables;
  • Wash your hands often with warm water and soap, or hand sanitiser, and ensure that hand washing facilities are available for all staff, contractors, service users and visitors;
  • All items in shared kitchen areas should be cleaned with warm water and detergent and dried thoroughly;
  • No food, such as crisps and sandwiches, should be left open for communal sharing unless individually wrapped.

Paisley FM 107.5 has on-the-hour national UK news and local Renfrewshire news on the half-hour during weekday mornings and afternoon.  There will be additional bulletins broadcast on the Renfrewshire situation when required.

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