Renfrewshire MPs vote against Brexit deal

MPs last night, Tuesday 15 January, voted down the UK’s Brexit deal in the most crushing Commons defeat since the Second World War.

Cheers erupted in Parliament Square as MPs inflicted a 432-202 defeat on Prime Minister Theresa May – beating a record set against the Labour government of 1924.

It came despite a final desperate plea by the Prime Minister, who said she would “work harder” to cooperate with Parliament.

She told MPs: “I believe we have a duty to deliver on the democratic decision of the British people, and to do so in a way that brings our country together”. And Attorney General Geoffrey Cox warned MPs they were “playing with people’s lives”.

But Jeremy Corbyn savaged the “reckless leap into the dark” and demanded a general election in a final speech.

Now the Prime Minister is putting forward her so called ‘Plan B’ within days as Jeremy Corbyn tables a no confidence vote.

Renfrewshire SNP MP Gavin Newlands Tweeted: “I will vote AGAINST Theresa May’s Brexit deal. The EU brings us many benefits. But for me, the most important among these is our right to Freedom of Movement, which allows us to travel, work, and build relationships across Europe.”

This is far too much to lose.