Paisley FM 107.5 Sma’ Shot Day schedule

3rd Jul 2020
This weekend marks the digital debut of Paisley’s annual Sma’ Shot Day celebrations as a series of virtual events and workshops will take place to mark this important date in the town’s calendar.
Paisley FM 107.5 will be involved in the Sma’ Shot virtual celebrations as a number of events will be broadcast on-air on 107.5 FM and DAB digital radio for people without online access and for people driving in their cars.

Here is the Paisley FM 107.5 Sma’ Shot Day programme schedule, Saturday 4 July:

8.10am – PACE radio play including ‘This is our Day’ song by PACE

10.35am – PACE radio play repeat including ‘this is our day song by PACE

12.02pm – The Charleston Drum with a talk-up on the virtual events happening throughout the day.

12.40pm – PACE Youth Theatre radio play, including ‘This is our Day’ song by PACE.

2.00 until 3.00pm – Sma’ Shot Day Tea Dance broadcast on Paisley FM 107.5

6.00 until 6.30pm – Paisley in Song with Michael Cassidy.

6.30 until 8.00pm – Sma’ Shot Sma’sh Hits

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