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Hi I’m Chris, I’m 31 and from West Midlands which I’m sure you’ll be able to tell straight away if you listen to any of my shows. I’ve recently moved up to Paisley with my wife Kelly, our 7 month old daughter Holly and our two dogs, Amos and Poppy

How did you get into broadcasting?

I’ve been working in radio since the age of 16. I started working for my local community station and it was there that my love for radio grew. So far I’ve had the pleasure of working for several commercial stations and the BBC and most recently I’ve been travelling around the world presenting radio and TV for BFBS to the British Forces. Since of the arrival of Holly I’ve decided to go freelance in order to allow me to be a stay at home dad which is an incredible job!

Random encounter with any celebrity?

One of my best mates got into the latter stages of the X Factor a few years back and because of that Olly Murs came to interview him cutting a long story short I ended up spotting for him on the bench press. I also offended Stacey Solomon by saying she looked pretty…

Music preferences?

I love dance music. You can play me any song at all but it has to have a dancey beat behind it for me to enjoy it. I DJ quite a bit and that’s what I’ll be mixing.

Any surprising facts your listeners may not know about you?

I’m a Birmingham City fan… People are always surprised by that.

I’m also a massive Venga Boys fan and will travel hours to see them play!

1st record ever bought?

The First record I ever bought was ‘Sorry miss Jackson’ by OutKast

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