Dave Knight – Sunday Brunch

How did you get into broadcasting? 

After many years of wondering how I could get into broadcasting, I was fortunate enough to be working nightshift, and in the quieter moments of my shift, I listened to Scot-FM.  At the time, always been a fan of Robin Galloway and from time to time would  phone in early morning on the Breakfast show and do some impersonations, my favourite was Roger Taylor the old Queen drummer.

Robin then asked me over to Scot-FM, and we worked on a character who would appear daily on the show. The character happened to be ‘Shug The Schemie’.  He turned out to be quite popular, and as it happened, Scot-FM were looking for someone to cover the weekend overnights and Robin suggested me, and that’s how I got into broadcasting; right place at the right time.

 What stations have you worked on?

I started off on central Scotland regional station Scot-FM, which was later taken over by Guardian Media Group and changed the station to Real Radio.   I was there for five or so years, eventually presenting the overnight show six nights a week, and the Sunday Jukebox – great times indeed.  I was the given the opportunity to manage and present the Breakfast Show for the British Army on Garrison FM in Edinburgh, which  I did for three years, interviewing such diverse people  from The Then Secretary Of State for Defence to budding pop stars and anything in between.

I also did a few shows on Smooth FM in Glasgow for a few months until they started networking shows from London.

Since then I have been working and helping out on a few radio stations from Lanarkshire’s L107 to Perth FM and community station Castle FM in Leith, Edinburgh. Also lending my hand to a few community stations too like East Coast FM in East Lothian; internet online Shore Radio from Leith and Kirkcaldy’s K107 and now given the opportunity to work with the great team at Paisley FM which I’m looking forward too.

Random encounter with any celebrity?

Whilst at Garrison FM in Edinburgh, I was given the task of interviewing a Captain in the Household Guards for the Army News. I went along and did the interview as normal, and he told me that he did a bit of singing too, and had written a few songs whilst he was in Bosnia.  He gave me a blank CD of some of  his songs, which I was impressed with and did play them on the show. Then one of his songs started being played on mainstream radio – he just happened to be Capt. James Blunt!

Music preferences? 

I have a wide range of musical preferences, but if push came to shove, I would drench myself in anything 60’s and 70’s – two of the best musical eras for music, in my opinion of course.

1st record ever bought?

The first record I ever bought was bought by accident. I want into the record shop which was Gloria’s Record Bar on Battlefield Road in Glasgow southside, to buy George Harrison’s My Sweet Lord but it was out of stock. So not wanting to go home empty handed, and nothing to play on the recently acquired Dansette record player, I chose Dave Edmunds I Hear You Knocking.

Any surprising facts your listeners may not know about you?

I was brought up in the Castlemilk scheme area of Glasgow for many years. That’s where the idea of ‘Shug the Schemie’ came from.  I went to Glenwood Secondary School in Castlemilk, which isn’t there anymore.  I was told by many teachers at the time that my constant talking would never get me anywhere, they might have been right, ha ha!

I was also responsible for the “Three Lions in The Dirt” World Cup song which caused a bit of a stir back in the day, splashed all over the newspapers and television, that was fun, I’ll tell you that story one day…

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