Fraser Mac – Drive Time

Fraser  (Fraz)

I am 34, very handsome and have a great taste in music with the best chat around.

I have been Entertaining Glasgow and west for over 18 years starting in my local youth club to pubs clubs, theatres I have been on radio for over 4 years with online stations, finally I am here at paisley FM 107.5 and having a blast a great station with some much love and kindness just a awesome place to work.

Music I love really varies from day to day hour to hour. From soul to jazz blues rock and roll dance  ska reggie and even 20s to 40s swing. My dad is from Liverpool so I have a huge love for the Beatles, I used to dance every morning with mum in the kitchen to the radio with songs like PJ Proby – hold me you could say I have an eclectic love for all music.

A fun fact about me is I have been a singer for most of my life, singing from all over the UK and USA I was taught to sing by a black and white minstrel many years ago. A weird fact is I have a photographic memory about postcodes I know strange but a useless fact never the less.

The smurfs – have smurfing good time. Yes I am horrified too.

Jess glynn – real love Beatles Lucy in the sky with diamonds, jigsaw skyhigh Wichita line glen Campbell

Do what you love, Love what you do.


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