Hannah B – Best of Love Songs and Home Time Tuesday

Hi there! I’m Hannah, and I joined the Paisley FM gang earlier this year. Born and bred in sunny Glasgow, I moved to Durham in 2016 and was based there for three years. After finishing my degree there, I missed my hometown *plays Caledonia by Dougie Maclean* and returned to Glasgow in 2019 to venture into a career in journalism. When I’m not at my computer writing or recording, I love going on runs and reading, preferably mythological epics!

How did you get into broadcasting?

Norman the director, really encouraged and motivated me to get into presenting – something I never really thought of before. I’ve always loved a good gossip and a chat but never realised I could do that as a career. The folk at Paisley FM are also super friendly and lovely so it’s a great environment to find your feet!

Random encounter with any celebrity?

Billy Connolly smiled at me when I was working in a bookshop in town! I like to believe he did anyway…plus, he delivered a box of cheese to thank us for selling loads of his biographies. The coolest man ever.

Music preferences?

I love anything that gets me dancing! The 80s and 90s have always been a major part of my musicalinspo, but I don’t mind venturing out as long as it’s got a good rhythm… a strong drumbeat is the way to my heart.  Also, oddly love a bit of bubblegumpop..?

Any surprising facts your listeners may not know about you?

I’m sort of fluent in Ancient Greek and Latin!

1st record ever bought?

Madonna- The Immaculate Collection

The “chosen few” choice records…

‘A Night to Remember’ – Shalamar

‘Tougher Than The Rest’ – Bruce Springteen

‘Just Like Heaven’ – The Cure

‘Dancing in the Moonlight’ – The Jubel and NEIMY cover!

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