Jamie Cockburn – Alternative Show

Jamie Cockburn: Host of the Alternative Show.  Born and bred in Paisley.

How did you get into broadcasting? I flirted with it in University and always fancied it. I have been involved in Podcasts in the past but didn’t actually do anything in radio until I discovered Paisley FM.

Random Encounter with any celebrity? Stephen Fry was on my flight to Australia once.

Music Preferences? I have vast preferences, while I mainly have alternative tastes, I do love Paul Simon and have seen him live three times. I would say Carly Rae Jepsen is a guilty pleasure, but I am not guilty for it, she’s class.

Any surprising facts?I once was responsible for evacuating part of Glasgow Airport after spraying air freshener into a smelly cupboard.

1st Record Ever Bought? Stereophonics – Performance & Cocktails

The chosen few choice records? Foster the People – Sacred Hearts Club, Paul Simon – Graceland &Childish Gambino – Because The Internet

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