Renfrewshire Council reveals spending plans for 2019-2020

27th Feb 2019

Renfrewshire Council has a spending requirement of just under £403 million for the coming financial year, which includes £396 million for provisional local authority services and around £7 million for inflationary pressures.

The budget proposal for 2019/20’s financial year represents a £5 million increase from last year’s and would see £176 million set aside for Children’s Services.

The council has been working closely with Renfrewshire Health and Social Care Partnership on strategies looking to restrict the impact of “demand led growth”.

These include providing more cost effective services, such as bringing care arrangements in Children’s Services in-house and reducing reliance on expensive external agencies.

A report from the director of Finances and Resources, which will be presented at Thursday’s meeting of full council, also highlighted the “uncertainty” posed by Brexit.

It said: “There also remain wider risks, in particular the potential outcome that may unfold over coming weeks and months in respect to Brexit.

“This could as yet further influence significantly the level of resources made available to the Scottish Government budget through what continues to be a fluid and fast changing political and economic environment.

“Should the UK exit the EU without a deal, the Chancellor of the Exchequer has made clear the expectation of an emergency UK budget shortly thereafter which is likely to have negative implications for public finances in Scotland both in 2019/20 and beyond.

He will speak on the main points of the budget and present it as a motion – which will be seconded by council leader Iain Nicolson – before opposition groups can put forward amendments.  Renfrewshire Councillors will then vote on the budget proposals.

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