Woman rescued as car sinks near Renfrew Ferry

27th May 2020

A woman has been rescued from the River Clyde at the Renfrew to Yoker ferry crossing after a car went “at speed” into the river.

The incident happened on the River Clyde at about 1pm on Thursday 27 May, at the crossing of the Renfrew Ferry, which links the Renfrewshire town with Yoker, Glasgow.

A social media account for the Renfrew Ferry said the vessel’s skipper “dragged her out” from the river and nobody was hurt.

Police said a 52-year-old woman was being checked over by paramedics.  The ferry service was cancelled while the car was being removed from the water.

Police Scotland said inquiries into the incident were continuing. Picture shows car being lifted by crane from the River Clyde.

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